GC Formulas NutriFormula MAX

Includes up to 74+ macro, micro, and trace minerals and elements naturally!

NutriFormula MAX is a once-a-day, all-you-need dietary supplement blend to support general and overall health. It consists of vitamins, minerals and essential co-factors, digestive enzymes and prebiotic fiber, alkalinizing greens and detox blend, fruits nutrients, herbal extracts, essential amino acids, fatty acids and phospholipids. It is supercharged by Fulvic and Humic to maximize absorption and delivery.

canXida Remove

canXida Remove is a full-spectrum blend expertly formulated to promote and support optimal digestive and intestinal health.

It is specifically designed to help balance candida overgrowth.
canXida Remove can help maintain the delicate balance of yeast and intestinal micro-flora, as well as support tissue health, integrity and comfort of the digestive tract.*

Pure supplements and vitamins
your body deserves.

Whole Food Powders, Vegetarian Capsules, Liquid Extracts and Mushrooms.

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